Instantel seismographs

Instantel Inc is world leading designer and producer of blasting seismographs. The company was established 1982 and in these days there are Instantel seismographs in more than 85 countries over the world. Instantel invests in the development and the quality of its products. Instantel is the only producer of seismographs in the world that has the ISO 9001 (International Organization for Standards) quality certificate and the company has had it since 1996.

Kalliotekniikka has worked as an importer of Instantel seismographs in Finland and Sweden since 1994. During this time has the Instantel MiniMate Plus become one of the most sold seismographs in the Finnish market. Instantel seismographs were the first seismographs that could be connected into a remote monitoring system.

Kalliotekniikka is able to offer expert support for the customers using Instantel seismographs. We can do some smaller maintenance and also larger maintenance, calibration and guarantee businesses are taken care due our company.

Micromate seismograph
(Information is reported by manufacturer):

Key Features: Hand-held, USB interface for high-speed data transfers and connection to Instantel compatible modem, printer and memory sticks, Touch screen with context sensitive icons, Auto Call Home™ remote monitoring function, Rugged design (optional protective boot and cover)
4 Channels: Microphone and Triaxial Geophone
Memory: Store 1000 Events
Sampling rates: 1,024, 2,048, 4,096 KHz S/s per channel (independent of record time)
Dimensions: 101.6 x 135.1 x 44.5 mm Weight: - MiniMate Plus: 0.5 kg
Battery life: 10 day (15 days optional)
Record Modes: Waveform, Waveform Manual Histogram and Instantel® Histogram Combo
User Interface: 10 domed tactile keys, colour touch screen, and full display keyboard with dedicated icons for common functions

Series III seismographs MiniMate Plus and BlastMateIII
(Information is reported by manufacturer):

Range: normal 254 mm/s, sensitive 31,7 mm/s
Resolution: 0,127 mm/s
Accuracy: 3 % in 15 Hz
Acceleration: calculatory
Memory: 300 normal measurements (1 s, sampling rate 1024 1/s)
can be extended up to 900 or 1500
Sampling rates:
1024 1/s, 2048 1/s and 4096 1/s
MiniMate Plus: 81 mm x 91 mm x 160 mm
BlastMateIII: 269 mm x 355 mm x 165 mm
- MiniMate Plus: 1,4 kg
- BlastMateIII: 6,4 kg
Battery life:
- MiniMate Plus: about 10 days
- BlastMateIII: about 30 days

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